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Thursday, 11 September 2008

White Cottage Mind and Body Therapy

I spent New Year's Eve with my girlfriend and instead of eating, drinking and watching fireworks to celebrate the coming of 2008, my girlfriend did something really special for me. She asked me to just lie in bed and leave everything to her while pulling out a lotion bottle from her handbag. She began to rub the lotion on me. The smell of the lotion and the kneading, tapping of my girlfriend's hands relaxed my tense muscles, eased the holiday stress, and made me feel so sleepy.

The 1-hr massage was nothing like the body massage I get from the nurses at the spa, so I guess it must be her loving touch and the special lotion she used. The lotion she used was White Cottage Classics' Aromatherapy Mind and Bond Therapy in Melon & Chamomile with Jojoba and Oats. Melon is a good source of vitamin A and C, thus this ingredient is good for the skin, while Chamomile is normally used in beauty products not only for the scent but for its smooth-muscle relaxing effect. Combined with Jojoba oil which hydrates and moisturizes the body and oats that soothes dry skin makes this product perfect for body massages.

It is also excellent to apply lotion after bath to relax the mind and body. White Cottage Classic's Aromatheraphy Mind and Body Therapy which is only made from natural ingredients are also available in Lavendar, Lemon Grass, Vanilla & Honey, Rose & Neroli, and Grapefruit & Dewberry. I have already asked my girlfriend to purchase the other scents. A 100 ml bottle costs about $7.

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