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Thursday, 11 September 2008

About Seductive Perfume

Perfume: Your Handy Little Seduction Sidekick

It happens to all of us. You’re standing in a room or passing by a crowded street or sidewalk and all of the sudden, a truly tantalizing scent catches you completely by surprise. Almost unconsciously, your head swivels as you crane your neck to catch a glimpse of the one who nearly lifted you off your feet with such an arousing fragrance.

The general consensus seems to point out that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory. Selecting the right fragrance to suit you becomes a sort of art as you attempt to find the perfect blend between flirty flowers, juicy fruits, musk and more.

Once you find the ideal scent to match your personality – sexy, playful, subtle and so forth – you can begin to take advantage of the powerful impact fragrance has on members of the opposite sex. Consider investing in a travel-sized vial of your preferred perfume as well, so you can easily transport it and always have it with you for a quick freshening up.

As you become comfortable with your new fragrance, take things to the next level by introducing it into your love life. If you won’t see your sweetheart for a number of days or weeks, be sure to pen a passionate love letter, and don’t forget to spritz a little of your perfume on the stationery before you pour your heart onto it. If you’re feeling especially daring (or sappy) you can complete the romantic effect by sealing the envelope with a lipstick smooch.

Another great tactic is to spray a bit of perfume on yourself just before you borrow an article of his clothing. If you’ll be wearing his jacket for a while in the colder weather, spray a little perfume on the back of your neck without getting any directly on his coat. This way it will subtly adhere to the coat’s collar so he notices your fragrance and thinks of you immediately the next time he wears it. If you forget to bring your pajamas and have to borrow a t-shirt one night, just spray a tiny bit of your fragrance on your body to gently introduce it onto his clothing. Whether he wears the shirt again or washes it when he gets it back, he’s sure to recognize your fragrance.

For the grand finale, linger in bed just a little while longer than your honey does. When he leaves the room to brush his teeth or shower, spritz some perfume on his pillow, either on top or bottom, or a little bit on both sides. This tactic is especially effective if you won’t see each other for a little while, because you know you will be the last thing he thinks about before he falls to sleep, and also the first thing he imagines when he wakes up. As soon as his head hits the pillow you will be on his mind, and if not in his arms, what better place to be?

Seductive Places to Target with Your Perfume:

Spray a little perfume on letters and birthday or holiday cards.
Let a little of your fragrance remain on his clothing that he lets you borrow.
Apply a little perfume to your pulse points while you are in his car so the fragrance lingers just a bit.
Leave him a gentle, sexy reminder by spraying a little bit of perfume on his pillow, especially when you won’t be around.
If he keeps a blanket in his car or draped across his couch, be sure to introduce just a touch of your favorite fragrance so he thinks of you right away when he uses it.
Perfume is a wonderful invention, allowing you to make your presence known, even in your absence! Get creative and realize that this aromatic accessory can enhance your romantic side, intrigue your partner and bring your face to mind even when you aren’t physically present.

Instigate more intimate moments with a spritz here and there of a sexy, flirty fragrance. You won’t regret it!

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