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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Beautiful Healthy Nails Naturally

A while back, a friend asked me if I had any advice to help with her brittle nails. "Is there a natural way to make my nails healthier and stronger?" She asked.

The answer: yes, there is.

My first tip to anyone who asks how to improve their nails is to eat healthy meals and snacks, including lots of raw vegetables and juices. By feeding your body the living enzymes found in organic and/or natural foods, you're increasing your chances for having strong, healthy nails.

The old adage, beauty is from within, is most certainly true!

As well as sharing my own remedies, I pointed my friend to Nail Care Q&A, at bewellstaywell.com, for additional advice, recipes, and tips.

First, I'll share a few of my own tips with you.
Nettles tea. It is loaded with silica and other rich minerals beneficial to the health of your nails. I drink it as often as I can, every day when possible. You don't have to make a separate cup, just add it to green tea if you already drink that. If you use tea bags, add a green tea bag and a nettle leaf tea bag to your cup of hot water. If it is too strong, add a little more water, divide the contents into two cups, and share the extra one with a friend.

Loose leaf teas are my favorite. For weaker tea, put half a teaspoon of both the nettle and green tea. To make it stronger, add a teaspoonful of each. Don't like hot tea? You can drink it cold, sweetened or not. I prefer Stevia as I don't consume white sugar. If I don't have Stevia, I'll use a little honey.

Nettle leaf also comes in a liquid tonic and capsules if you're not a tea drinker at all.

Organic coconut oil is also amazing. Taken from within, it not only makes your nails strong and healthy, but it helps your hair grow, your skin glow, and can greatly improve your overall health.

Once my friend started drinking the nettle tea and implemented the coconut oil into her salads, omelets, etc. (a teaspoonful or tablespoonful at a time), she began noticing the results.

My friend and I both have enjoyed the site I shared above, and I hope you will too. Much like their natural manicure, I've soaked my nails in organic apple cider vinegar, rinsed, and applied organic coconut oil.

And the dill seed/horsetail nail bath is definitely something I'm going to try soon!

I could go on and on, but there's only so much information we can squeeze into one post. Here's to happy, healthy nails, and to your natural beauty in 2008!

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