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Thursday, 11 September 2008

About Color Therapy

We all have our favorite colors. We probably love one particular color so much that we wear it all the time, have it on our walls, curtains or bedspreads, or whatever object that we see all the time.
Sometimes, we hold that favorite color of ours above all else and would not consider a perfectly nice outfit, for instance, if it does not have a shade of our favorite color.
Why do we like a particular color? It could be because we have associated that color with a happy memory. In the same line, we hate some colors because whenever we look at it, it reminds us of something bad or something sad that happened to us.

But whether we like a particular color or not, certainly we are aware that different colors have various effects on our moods, our bodies, our emotions.

Colors have different meanings and just looking at them triggers the production of hormones in our bodies, whether to calm us and relax us, bring us energy, boost our creativity, help us sleep, relieve our pain, or reduce our anxiety.

Color Therapy From this innate recognition of the influence of colors on us, the field of color therapy came into being. Currently, color therapy is now being applied in various places to stimulate a certain mindset or emotions in the people who go and stay there. For instance, research has shown that productivity increases in a workplace when the colors blue and yellow stand out in the d├ęcor. Blue and yellow, the colors of the sky and the sun, have always been associated with calmness and creativity respectively. In the same light, green is being used now in hospitals and schools. Green evokes feelings of calm and assurance to patients; for students, green stimulates their minds and makes them more open to learning. Color therapy works on the principle that specific colors emit certain vibrations of light, which bring strength and harmony to the body’s energy fields.

How can you make colors work for you? To answer that question, you ought to ask yourself another question: what do you want to happen for yourself wherein colors can definitely help you? Do you want to relax? Do you want to be rejuvenated? Do you want to keep your energy levels high? What do you wish to happen for yourself wherein colors can help you?

Once you have answered those questions, the one thing you can do is to put that color where you can see it all the time, most probably as elements of the decors of your home. As a guide, below are a list of colors and the qualities associated with them:

Red – strength, perseverance, passion, leadership. Red stimulates the appetite.
Orange – freedom, enthusiasm, charm, gregariousness. Orange is a social color and makes people feel welcome.

Yellow – humor, open-mindedness, imagination, originality. Yellow is the color of creativity and communication.

Green – harmony, balance, generosity, kindness. Green evokes images of prosperity.

Blue – tranquility, intelligence, honesty, spirituality. Calmness, coolness and rest are always associated with blue.

Indigo – perception, purity, intuition, receptiveness. Indigo helps the mind enter a meditative state.

Violet – creativity, enigma, mystery, power. Violet, like yellow, also helps the mind be creative.

Color your world and be transformed and healed.

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