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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Green Apple Antibacterial Hand Wash

pet and plant lover like me always find time to spend play time with my dog and also do some gardening. These activities, however give my hand a rough time. Scratches on the hands from my dog's playful bites and dirty, dry hands from trimming plants and digging soil. I always use anti-bacterial soaps to clean my hands after. I though need something better for "hand therapy", so I then decided to make my own hand soap. I do not like bar soaps as they are hard and so slippery to use, and I think are more time consuming to make. I like the smell of fresh green apples, thus, I made Green Apples Liquid Hand Wash with anti-bacterial effect. Here's how to do your own Green Apple Antibacterial Hand Wash:

Two to three medium-sized green apples. (as soap base)
2 tablespoons Grapefruit juice - (as antibacterial additive)
2 cups water
2 teaspoons Eucalyptus oil (for fragrance)
2 Vitamin E capsules (as moisturizing additive)
1 teaspoon Glycerine
One recycled hand wash bottle/dispenser


Grate the green apples.
Boil two cups water.
Pour the grated green apples and boiling water in a blender and grind until very soft.
Add glycerin and grapefruit juice
Open vitamin e capsules and pour the contents in the blender and whip again.
Pour contents in a pan and heat for 15-10 mins.
Add eucalypus oil.
Let cool and store in bottle/dispenser.
This hand wash is not as foamy as the ones available in the market but this all-natural soap can heal scratches faster, solves dryness and clean your hands more effectively.

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