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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Want a Baby Boy or a Baby Girl

You can Choose Now:

Planning your family is a must for every sensible parent, and if the sex of your baby is of the outmost importance then you want to plan from the start.

With BabyChoice you can plan as from today, by harnessing Nature's way.

BabyChoice gives you all the help you need to make your choice a reality. Through its Gender Selection Programme it offers:

* A free interactive Ovulation Calendar

* A laboratory-prepared Calendar showing you the days Nature has determined will give you a baby boy or baby girl over a 12-month period and a boy or girl conception diet plan

* Full ongoing support, telephone and email, and a full refund policy for the very few who don’t get it right.

Trying too hard reading endless information?

Then don’t. With BabyChoice there’s no need to wonder or worry or wait for a scan – you can relax, sure of the outcome! BabyChoice offer a proven track record since 1997 with nearly 90% success rate in the market and tests showing 97% .

Here’s how it is done:

1. The only way that Nature chooses a baby boy or baby girl

There are about 75 days a year when the ph of your egg is clearly opposite to the ph of a sperm respectively with the boy or the girl chromosome. Only the fusion of opposite ph's creates the necessary charge for the sperm to penetrate the thick egg membrane and create a new cell. The ph of each sperm type is constant whereas the egg alternates its ph. This is the information that enables you to conceive only on boy or girl days.

2. How you can choose your baby boy or baby girl

To conceive the gender of your choice you need to attempt conception only on the days shown on your Gender Selection Calendar for a boy or for a girl. The specific days are researched and identified for every mother according to extensive scientific research carried out on pregnancies and the establishment of parameters linked to the mother’s personal information. The boy or girl conception days are not affected by changes in your menstrual cycle and above all you need not believe old wive's tales about conceiving a boy on ovulation and a girl before ovulation!

3. What are the steps

Once you have joined (it's free) by completing some questions, you will see online your free ovulation calendar with your password as sent to you by email. You can then subscribe to upgrade to a Gender Selection Calendar by clicking one of the buttons on the right top handside of your ovulation calendar. (it then takes only 2 or 3 working days to be displayed online). You can now happily proceed, safe in the knowledge that you’re making the baby you want... You are also provided with a diet recommendation, helpful in case you make a mistake.

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