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Thursday, 11 September 2008

How To Control Your Cravings

Going on a diet can get really hard sometimes. Sometimes, we are forced to stop eating the food that we love to eat so much. It is the price we have to pay for to keep our bodies fit and healthy, and to attain that slim and trim figure that we so desire.
There are times, however, that just when we suppress our appetite for that once favorite but now forbidden food, al the more that the desire for it rears its ugly head, urging us to make a grab for what we really should not even let our lips touch. It then becomes a battle of the will: should we fight the urge to eat, or to just give in to the craving? We emerge from this battle victorious sometimes, but with a pang of regret. Sometimes we give in to the craving and then wallow in guilt and self-loathing.

But this should not be the case. Going on a diet should not be synonymous to deprivation, or even torture. If that is the way our diet is going, we will only end up bingeing later and gaining more weight than what we thought we have already lost. Given this, how then can we fight the urge to eat the forbidden and keep to the diet plan?

Going on a diet not only takes discipline of the body but also discipline of the mind. For one, we should not equate diet with deprivation in our mind, simply because it should not be. We can still eat whatever we want to eat whenever we want it. The one thing we have to remember, though, is that we should eat our food in portions and try to burn whatever excess calories that we have eaten. We can either spend extra time at the gym, or probably spend some time walking up and down the block. Any form of movement helps with the burning of calories.

Eating a small portion of the food we should not be eating is more often than not better than just suppressing the craving. If we suppress the craving, we will just end up bingeing when we let go. Whereas when we eat just a small amount, the craving will be satisfied and we will not end up taking in too much.

If we really cannot eat the food that our body craves for, the best thing to do is to get our mind as far away from it as possible. We should stash the booty where we cannot easily find it so we cannot easily reach for it when the cravings come a-calling. We should also do something else, like read or do chores or go out for a walk to kill time and get the craving out of our system. By the time we are done, the craving is most likely gone.

Sometimes, however, we just need to sit down and analyze why we crave a certain food so much. Food is known to bring comfort to some people in the face of emotional distress; could it be that we eat just to drive the pain away? Unfortunately, no matter how much food we eat, the source of our pain will not go away. If we deal with this wellspring of whatever hurts us, we might be able to make the craving stop.

It is not wrong to crave for food. We should, however, learn to watch ourselves so we won’t overdo it. That is all it takes to control the craving.

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